No. Jermaine Jacksun is not plotting a change of venue. And, don’t chide me for a typo, one of the members of the legendary singing group changed his name.

Earlier this week, there were reports in Los Angeles about Paris Jackson, the 14-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, joining a cheerleading squad at The Buckley School. TMZ is now reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles are hoping that Ms. Jackson will come to a tryout once eligible at the age of 18.

Director Barbara Zaun used the term “Wow factor” to describe Paris Jackson’s presence and confidence. I hear that term and I envision Darrell Sheets from “Storage Wars” yelling about a locker.

Anyway, with all eyes on the NFL as we await the air horn to open free agency, I felt compelled to pass the time between rumors.

The Eagles look to add a member of the Jackson family .