We recently held a draft for our fantasy community in conjunction with our FOX Fantasy Football. I sent out a quick hit to the fellas for a reaction to their drafts. Here are two of the early replies.

Bryan Bishop

The lesson I learned: Don’t draft your fantasy team and podcast at the
same time. Both will suffer.

I drafted my team WHILE hosting my movie podcast (“The Film Vault”).
It ended up being our worst episode, and I hate my fantasy team.

Favorite pick: Rashard Mendenhall – Ben Rothlisberger is suspended.
Byron Leftwich is hurt. Willie Beamon is under center. Let’s just say
the Steelers will… RELY on the running game early in the season.

Least favorite pick: (TIE) Alex Smith, Brett Favre, Vincent Jackson – Once I had to go home, I set my draft to “Autodraft.” Apparently I also set it to “stupid,” because it selected Smith (15 TDs & 10 INTs would be considered a good season), Favre (will be on IR by week 6), and Jackson (doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to play). Yikes.

Guy I had to have: There are lots of them. Unfortunately, I got none of them.

Kevin Hench

Fave picks:

Stunned and elated that studs Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall fell to me at 20 and 21 in a PPR league. Astounding. My other fave pick was Bakay taking Shonn Greene at No. 13, roughly 70 spots early for a PPR league. Don’t think we have to worry about a repeat.

Least favorite pick:

Like a lot of Americans I woke up the day after our draft with Jay Cutler as my starting QB. As you can imagine, I found this hugely depressing.