I banged the drum this offseason for myriad teams to take a shot at veteran receiver Terrell Owens. Ultimately, he teamed with Chad Ochocinco to form one of the finest media-savvy duos ever.

Unfortunately, Ochocinco has been relegated to the role of decoy right now (he was nearly shut out in Monday’s loss to Pittsburgh). Terrell Owens has been a dominant force, experiencing one of the finest stretches ever by a receiver. He’s stretching the field and working the middle. That middle route completion Monday night was a perfect example of what Bengals fans and NFL viewership have seen all season. Owens is playing hard and playing with heart. He’s been willing to take hits and work in traffic.

Owens currently owns a five-game scoring streak (seven touchdowns during this stretch) while averaging 8.2 receptions and 123.6 yards per game.

Alas, the Bengals lost each of those games. Those who haven’t watched the team will undoubtedly use the old “it won’t work” comment. Well, he hasn’t thrown the untimely interception, played defense or failed to run the ball.

TO has done his job. What about everybody else?