October 13, 2010

FMC Week 5: Kyle Orton

I want to give a nod to Baltimore running Ray Rice, who took on a huge workload for the victorious Ravens. Rice piled up a sizable touch count and scored twice against a strong Denver run defense to help the Ravens coast to victory.

However, I have to look at this from the Fantasy angle. As such, the hero of the day was once again Kyle Orton. He just kept chucking. The Broncos played without Knowshon Moreno once again, and well, the running game was nonexistent.

Orton posted a solid, albeit unspectacular, day until the final minute. He connected with Brandon Lloyd on another play of 40+ yards (their ninth of the year) and a touchdown with 35 ticks remaining on the clock. For the purpose of the game, it meant absolutely nothing. The Broncos still lost by two touchdowns, but fantasy owners celebrated the late score.

Given that the Broncos will keep throwing 35+ times per game, has Orton entered the ranks of the unbenchables? There’s one more big test on tap agains tthe Jets before we get there, but you’d have to bring a pretty compelling argument to get me to bench him this week for anybody.