Amid a great deal of controversy about their entrance to the playoffs (let alone the ability to host a playoff game), Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks went to work against the Gregg Williams’ defense.

Remember, the Saints had allowed only 13 passing touchdowns all season. Hasselbeck threw four on Sunday, taking multiple shots over the top with his young receivers (who also betrayed him on several instances). The biggest hit laid on Hasselbeck was a little shrug that sent him to the turf a la Divac or a soccer player. Yes, I mock the “Oh, he’s hurt!” commentary on that one. He tried to draw a penalty and immediately jumped back to his feet to celebrate the touchdown. Gamesmanship.

We can continue the argument about re-seeding the playoffs another time. For now, give the Seahawks and the 12th man their due. The Seahawks left nothing in the playbook and opened up the game. With a healthy (enough) Hasselbeck and strong offensive line play, Seattle put up points.

I know that Marshawn Lynch is another candidate. He’s gotten enough love this week for the run seen ’round the world and the best stiff-arm not delivered by Walter Payton.