January 4, 2011

FMC: Andrew Luck of Stanford

In what may be (should be) his final game as a collegiate athlete, Andrew Luck directed the Stanford Cardinal to a resounding 40-12 win over Virginia Tech. Frank Beamer’s vaunted defense was no match for Jim Harbaugh’s (49ers?) offense, as Luck capped off a fantastic season with a 284-yard, four-touchdown performance. He threw one interception, but that hardly discounts his otherwise brilliant effort.

Luck has demonstrated the ability to make every throw, gets through his reads and has tremendous touch. Will he and his coach stick it out in college together one more year, as Harbaugh intimated to Peter King of SI during a recent conversation that he believed Luck would stay? Or, will they go their separate ways in some NFL/College hybrid?

Harbaugh could stay in the SF Bay Area with the 49ers or, perhaps, the Raiders. He could also make a run at any other NFL availability. Or, Harbaugh could return to Michigan …

Carolina is on the clock …. (insert your best surname pun here)