I sat down to pick this week’s “Fantasy Man-Crush” of 2010, and there were more than a few candidates on the radar.

Do I pick the chalk, Albert Pujols, after he slammed two home runs on opening day?

Do I take one of the obvious candidates, Coach K (or Geno Auriemma), following their title wins?

No, I sat and watched “Dancing With the Stars” this week to review the footwork of Chad Ochocinco, but ended up getting pulled into Buzz Aldrin’s story. I’ll save the history lesson for another date.

I stood in awe as the 80-year old astronaut took to the floor. Whatever you thought of the performance (head judge was brutal), he looked the part of a hero & cast his age aside while owning the floor. His appearance on the show, like that of Cloris Leachman (as I’ve been told), reminded us to celebrate days and keep learning and growing, trying new things.

Yeah, it’s a sappy, sentimental choice – but Aldrin wins the title this week.