The hour is almost at hand.

Fantasy owners are clamoring to the waiver wire in the hope that the next big thing will be wearing a Nationals cap.

I remember the episode of The Simpsons where billboards, banners and commercials announced that “Gabbo Is Coming.” Who? What? Where?

Well, it ended up being a smart-alleck ventriloquist’s dummy that temporarily displaced Krusty in the hearts of Springfield’s children.

The notes on Stephen Strasburg and the dazzling video catalog of his minor league starts seem to indicate that Strasburg will be in the minds and hearts of fans and fantasy owners for a long, long time. Sorry, Gabbo.

By all accounts, Strasburg will make his much-anticipated major league debut on June 4 against the Reds. This would allow Strasburg to pitch in line with the normal rotation and schedule without an extended period of down time.

My marketing and promotion-loving self thinks that it needs to be pushed back a couple days to put Strasburg on the hill that following Tuesday against the Pirates. But, the baseball timeline has to be held intact. Strasburg has been brought along slowly this season, paced for the summer call-up. There’s no need to shuffle up the routine and make him change things now.

I get it. But the PT Barnum in me is thinking about Tuesday’s gate with Pittsburgh in town. On a Friday night, you’ll still get a decent crowd and some walk-ups if the weather is sound. On Tuesday nights against Andrew McCutchen and Garrett Jones … not so much.

With that said, I know what will be on my Roku player next Friday night. The Nationals have surprised thus far. Roy Oswalt is being mentioned as a possible trade deadline acquisition. Strasburg is the main event.

I often yell “DBTH!” — Don’t Believe The Hype – when a player in any sport is so highly touted. In this case, I’d be shocked to see him falter.

Climb aboard the Strasburg Express.