The cast of Mad Men and creator Matthew Weiner took in the Season 5 finale with a crowd in Los Angeles and then did a question and answer session to discuss the development of the characters and plot lines this season. If you missed an episode, you missed a ton. John Halpin & I will [...]

The road to economic recovery is a long one. Obviously, families are tightening their budgets while trying to find entertainment for the upcoming season. They’re looking at day camps and activities to get things rolling. But, it’s all about keeping costs down. Here in Los Angeles, there’s been a bit of an uproar about the [...]

Stop the presses! The organizers of the 2012 London Olympics have announced the prices for food and drink and fans are outraged. The source of their anger is the tag put on a pint. The Telegraph advises that a pint of beer will run approximately $11 during this summer’s festivities. Maggie Hendricks of “Fourth-Place Medal” [...]

I found this one on The Huffington Post‘s local section for Los Angeles. The content originally appeared as a report in the Los Angeles Times . In 2001, a full-blown adult film shoot was produced at the historic Los Angeles Coliseum. The general manager of The Coliseum at the time resigned from the position in [...]

Don’t call him Matt Damon. Don’t talk of him having an accent. He represents San Mateo. It’s Tom Brady having some fun at a Los Angeles area Dick’s Sporting Goods. Tom Brady’s Wicked Accent from Tom Brady

Want to go out in style? Before he was buried at Graceland, Elvis Presley was interred at Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis. You have the opportunity to be buried like a king if you win an upcoming “Music Icons” auction. Darren Julien is auctioning off the crypt on June 23. Included in the auction: the [...]

I saw this piece of news on the wire this morning, and I couldn’t help but shake my head. “Police in Fort Wayne, Ind. have arrested Aaron S. Stefanski, 29, alleging he drove out of a liquor store parking lot with four children strapped to the hood of his car.” What was going to be [...]

A French-American scientist has reportedly created a spray that makes its user drunk instantly and then has its effects dissipate as quickly as they came. “Reportedly, not only does the sensation of being drunk wear off almost immediately but the user would also supposedly be able to pass a breathalyzer test, verifying that they are [...]

Kate Upton made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show and busted out a new dance move “The Cat Daddy” while Fritzie busted out his patented Rick Astley impersonation. I believe that we can declare “The Dougie” officially dead after this one. You’re welcome, America.

Action shots and still photos for trading are fine and good, but memorabilia and autographs are where it’s at. That’s why an email I received about a new card set piqued my interest. SportKings offers a huge collection of legendary names and bridges the past to today’s heroes. The new set includes autographs of Muhammad [...]

He’s one of the most divisive men in sports. You say the name “Calipari” amongst a group of college hoops fans and you’re more likely to hear diatribes about the NCAA and vacated Final Four appearances than an assessment of his coaching and recruiting skills. No coach has embraced the changing landscape of the college [...]

If you mention the words “hamburger” or “burger joint” to a group of people in Los Angeles, you’re going to start an argument. There are many options available, from gastropubs to local mom and pop stands to the unavoidable large chains. I’d toss “Umami Burger” and “Bouzy” (a bar/grill down in the Beach Cities) into [...]

The time has come for creativity, reinvention and expansion. If you’re leaving the local watering hole, one of many restaurants, historic shops or a concert venue (you’re not that far away from the famed Sunset Strip), you just might be jonesing for a late-night sugar rush. The original cupcake shop, Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills, [...]

I stumbled across this one earlier today – thought I’d share it with you all. Enjoy. I

Joe Flacco became the latest NFL player to chime on the phenomenon of Tim Tebow. It’s a story that has shifted beyond the walls of the sporting world and has created a larger dialogue (have some questioned their faith?). I understand there is frustration associated with the 24-hour “All Tebow, All The Time” coverage. I [...]

Kendall Wright made Robert Griffin III owners in fantasyland positively giddy when he snagged a tipped ball out of the air and sprinted 87 yards for a touchdown. The Bears shocked the Sooners and further jumbled the already confused BCS standings.

Thanks to Darren Rovell for passing this along.

Since I was a middle-school student in Chicago, I had an unhealthy obsession with trivia. Box scores, football and baseball almanacs … and Alex Trebek were part of my daily existence. I read the backs of trading cards to learn players’ hobbies and hometowns. Mr. Trebek was like that crazy uncle in the corner spouting [...]

Idle construction equipment is getting new life in Las Vegas. The great hub of nightlife and chicanery, long noted as an adult playground, has a new toy. “Dig This” opened to give people an opportunity to learn how to use the equipment and move mountains (or piles of sand and rocks). For $750 per hour, [...]

She’s tied to sports, what with her new NBA husband and star brother-in-law. So, in the spirit of bringing you the best of sports and entertainment, here is this … OK, so this isn’t exactly the best in terms of music. Let’s call it what it is … it’s inspirational.

We always do the “Where are they now?” with child actors. Well, here’s one building on a long stretch as an elected official political career with an eye on Congress. David Pollock, who played Rudi in “The Bad News Bears” with the great Walter Matthau, has worked closely with the military while at Rocketdyne and [...]

Every time I traverse the Hollywood news sites or catch an entertainment piece on the local news, it seems that another group of production pirates are looting my childhood. This evening, I put the ribbon on another fantasy column for and decided to catch up on the news of the day. I’d already read [...]

We heard about Ben Roethlisberger’s contract this offseason when James Harrison popped off in a magazine. Now, Roethlisberger is aiming even higher as the Steelers jump onboard the third installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman series, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Roethlisberger Looking to Become a $1 Billion Movie Star, Too Add another set of zeroes and [...]