As Jason Smith and I settled in to our normal routine of vetting stories for our Monday show, we rolled through a number of audio pieces (gold, really) and kept our eyes fixed on the Rodgers-Wentz Monday Night Football battle. Rodgers made several throws that silenced, if only momentarily, all critics as the Packers stopped a four-game slide. Rodgers predicted that Green Bay would run the table last week, so this was a story with legs.

In addition to this game, we had stories about Tom Brady, the Cowboys, Colin Kaepernick, Jameis Winston and the College Football Playoff process. Hell, we had another 7-to-10 stories prepped and ready to go. All of those stories went to the wayside in short order when NFL Legend and Hall of Fame Eric Dickerson joined the show. Dickerson laid out his relationship with the team and his phone conversation with Rams head coach Jeff Fisher.

It’s a longer piece, so settle in and listen to the duration. I promise. You will not be disappointed.

How will we follow up? Oh, it’s Tuesday. The College Football Playoff rankings come out, and we still have a lot in the hopper. Check out The Jason Smith Show on FOX Sports Radio (FOXSportsRadio.com) at 8pm PT/11pm ET.