“Blue – You’re My Boy!”

 You all have heard the movie line and probably shouted it from the top of your lungs on multiple occasions.

Well, “blue” has a whole other meaning and is blowing up social media and news sites mid-week. “Deep Blue” is now the lead in the summer of the shark, and video footage of the monstrous Carcharodon carcharias has beachgoers’ mouths agape.

However, Deep Blue, isn’t a boy. In fact, scientists believe “Deep Blue” to be pregnant. The shark is estimated to be 20 feet long and 50 years old.

Think about the size of the offspring.

You can check out the latest from the link above … or watch this amazing footage below. It’s time to ride only on cruise ships in the area. The size of this behemoth is in line with the beast Brody and Quint were battling in “Jaws.”